baby Red Rag

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baby Red Rag R43 baby Red Rag 317
baby Red Rag
baby RedRag 32 length weight depth
32-SR 32mm 4,8g 0,2-0,4m
32-MDR 32mm 5,1g 0,8-1m

The smaller size of Red Rag (32 mm) makes your chance for successful fishing bigger! It keeps all outstanding features of it’s “Big Brother” (Red Rag 36) including high frequency and high stability of action. Use “small Red Rag” to increase a number of species you catch. It’s excellent choice for attracting even very wary fish.

Two versions of Baby Red Rag (SR and MDR) have individual balancing systems allowing to support the necessary working level of depth.

The wire eyes for trebles locate athwart to the body, what is more the tail eye is moved a little up to the back side. This feature allows to equip Baby Red Rag with bigger size trebles to be sure in successful hookset.