Red Rag

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Red Rag R01
Red Rag
RedRag 36 length weight depth
36F-SSR 36mm 5,7g 0-0,05m
36F-SR 36mm 5,7g 0,4-0,6m
36F-MDR 36mm 6,1g 1-1,2m

Experiments and researches continued for a rather long time now result with an excellent lure – Red Rag Pontoon21. The highest frequency of wobbling with the highest level of stability at the high speed of retrieving – the combination of these features makes Red Rag, probably, the best such lure at the current market. Each version (SSR, SR, MDR) has its own specific balance system, accordingly Red Rag lures can fish from the surface (the depth of retrieving of SSR is around 5 cm only!) till the depth 1,5 m (MDR version) with high speed retrieving.