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Fop 32 length weight depth
32F-SR 32mm 2,5g 0,1-0,4m
Fop 38
38F-SR 38mm 3,5g 0,1-0,4m

Balsa lures WOODY SOUL of PONTOON21 Lure Factory are made of high-grade quality wood selected with careful attention to all details. Shape and design of these lures are developed by skilled specialists having wide experience in hand-crafted balsa lures' production.
The lure Woody Soul you have in your hands now, is able to demonstrate all advantages of lure made of balsa with maximum effect: it begins to work immediately even at slow line retrieving.
Exciting Woody Soul of Pontoon21 Lure Factory are equipped with appropriated high-grade components:Pontoon21 Easy Detach Powered split rings and C'ultiva hooks ST-36BC. These hooks have the best combination of gracefulness and durability, necessary for beautiful playing of Woody Soul Lures of Pontoon21.

FOP – exclusive word in the family of balsa cranks used for Area Stream trout. These lure have a very stable playing while you have maximal control at any speed of retrieving – this combination is distinctive feature of all models of FOP independently on weights and sizes. Being fish active or passive – FOP is effective!