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ratta length
RATTA #2,25 2,25inch
RATTA #2,75 2,75inch
RATTA #3,25 3,25inch
RATTA #3,75 3,75inch
RATTA #4,25 3,25inch

Ratta has interesting feature, and this is its tail design: at moving in the water, Ratta tail rises upon the main body line and vibrates actively, relaying rolling action to the whole lure’s body. Having special outer and inner construction features, Ratta is equally effective with any kinds of rigs.

Active and attractive – these two main features of Ratta design being combined with unique features of “long-life” Gumexim, “gleamy coloring” Rincoal, “true-to-life” SFT induce fish to attack Ratta more expressive than really alive bait ever can!