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Pillo Pillo
pillo length
PILLO #2.25 2,25 inch
PILLO #2.5 2,5 inch
PILLO #3 3,0 inch

When usual soft plastic lure doesn’t move – it loses it’s life, when it loses it’ tail – it loses it’s action. But Pillo is unusual soft plastic lure. It has irresistible action at any speed of retrieving. It keeps attraction for fish even without any movement, simply being at rest. And if Pillo’s tail was eaten – it is still amazing for fish just with body! Any variations of rigs are available with Pillo – this lure is excellent. Always.

Active and attractive – these two main features of Pillo design being combined with unique features of “long-life” Gumexim, “gleamy coloring” Rincoal, “true-to-life” SFT induce fish to attack Pillo more expressive than really alive bait ever can!