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Jilt Jilt
jilt chart
jilt length
JIL #1 1inch
JIL #1,5 1,5inch
JIL #2 2inch
JIL #2,5 2,5inch
JIL #3 3inch

Rotund body of Jilt grub is as attractive as flexible to be successfully and easy used for any kind of rigs (see pictures of various rigging) including such complicated rig like Double Hook rig. This became available thanks to inside hollow groove and flexibility of material.

The design of Jilt’s tail provides active and inflammatory game.

Active and attractive – these two main feature of Jilt design being combined with unique features of “long-life” Gumexim, “gleamy coloring” Rincoal, “true-to-life” SFT induce fish to attack Jilt more expressive than really alive bait ever can!

For maximum effectiveness at hookset (especially when big sizes of Jilt like 2.5” and 3.0” are used) hooks with Wide Gap are recommended!

  1. Jig Head Rig
  2. Texas Rig
  3. Carolina Rig
  4. Terminal Rig
  5. Drop Shot Rig
  6. Double Hook Rig