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Hightailer Hightailer
hightailer length
HGHT #2 2,75 inch
HGHT #3 3,75 inch

Amazing action of Hightailer is a result of careful balance of body&tail dimensions.

Having slim shape body, Hightailer is perfect in rigs with offset hooks. You may use Hightailer with jig-heads and other rigs (see pictures on the package) as well.

Active and attractive – these two main features of Hightailer design being combined with unique features of “long-life” Gumexim, “gleamy coloring” Rincoal, “true-to-life” SFT induce fish to attack Hightailer more expressive than really alive bait ever can!

  1. Jig Head Rig
  2. Texas Rig
  3. Carolina Rig
  4. Terminal Rig
  5. Drop Shot Rig
  6. Double Hook Rig