Awaruna Evo

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Awaruna Evo
Awaruna Evo chart
Awaruna Evo
Awaruna Evo length
AWAE #3.5 3,5inch
AWAE #4 4inch
AWAE #4.5 4,5inch
AWAE #5 5.5inch
AWAE #6 6inch
AWAE #7 7inch

Awaruna Classic

Ingenious body design together with tail’s shape provides extraordinary swimming characteristics of Awaruna Dun.

Side-ribbing enrich Awaruna Dun swim action with new attractive nuances.

Inside hollow groove gives additional flexibility to the body and simplifies rig’s making including the most complicated Double Hook Rig (see pictures of various rigging). You also can input additional weights into the groove to achieve the necessary balance and sinking rate in case of Wacky rigging.

Active and attractive – these two main features of Awaruna Dun design being combined with unique features of “long-life” Gumexim, “gleamy coloring” Rincoal, “true-to-life” SFT induce fish to attack Awaruna Dun more expressive than really alive bait ever can! Awaruna Evo

Awaruna Evo

Keeping flexibility and movements of side-ribs like Awaruna Classic, Awaruna EVO shows different tail’s action: vibrations in horizontal plane with rather high amplitude.