Sinuoso Spoon

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Sinuoso Spoon Sinuoso Spoon
Sinuoso Spoon
Sinuoso Spoon weight
SIN-07 7g
SIN-12 12g
SIN-14 14g
SIN-17,5 17,5g
SIN-21 21g
SIN-24 24g

Spoons are the most age and well-known type of lures. Pontoon21 adds a new step to the Spoon's evolution with developing of Sinuoso series having HSMP (High Sensitivity for Minor water Pressure) design. Sinuoso is able to "catch" and reacts on the minor water streams and play with them like active and alive creature. Thanks to magnificent body's bends Sinuoso plays at dropping even more attractive rather than various special jig-spoons or pilkers.

Sinuoso series includes two variations of body's thickness with equal body's lengths, which increase your fishing horizons. Combination of HSMP body and Owner ST-36BC trebles gives you the biggest chance for victory in fishing, and Pontoon21 asks you especially to remember about "Catch & Release" when you use Sinuoso spoons otherwise fish will not have any chance!