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Sabletta length weight
SBL #62-14 62mm 14g
SBL #62-17 62mm 17g
SBL #78-24 78mm 24g
SBL #87-28 87mm 28g
SBL #78-30 78mm 30g
SBL #87-34 87mm 34g
SBL #94-38 94mm 38g
SBL #94-45 94mm 45g

Ideal proportions of length and width combining with diversified thickness along the plane created Pontoon21 3D Spoon series, ideally working in all fishing terms and conditions.

Pontoon21 3D spoons have excellent action at different speed of retrieving, and are amazing when free fall at pause of retrieving. These spoons are excellent choice for vertical jigging.

Amazing action is accompanied with attractive turbulent noise and specific visual reception appearing due to 3D-style of spoon’s surface called Deep Dot Design.