Ball Concept Spinner

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Ball Concept Spinner Ball Concept Spinner
Ball Concept Spinner
Ball Concept Spinner weight
SP-BCT-#0 2.2g
SP-BCT-#1 3g
SP-BCT-#1.5 4.5g
SP-BCT-#2 4.7g
SP-BCT-#2.5 6.5g
SP-BCT-#3 6.6g
SP-BCT-#3.5 10.4g
SP-BCT-#4 11.4g
SP-BCT-#5 17.5g

Well-known standard French type of blade was corrected by us to achieve maximum freely rotation of blade under rather big angle to the body. Body consists of components, which number and sizes are fit together in order to achieve zero vibration of body. ZVBS (Zero Vibration Body System) is a fresh view on classic body's components: they were re-designed specially for BCS, and now BCS's body is practically free of parasitic lateral oscillation, the usual problem of many spinners you ever saw. The result is more strikes of trout and salmon.

You can fish in streams and cast upstream, downstream and any other direction you want – the quality of BCS's stable action is always high!

RPB (Reverse patterns on both sides of blade) – one more non-standard feature of BCS: it is well-visible from any side and looks the same independently on point of view. Color of body's components and trebles' (Owner ST-36BC) rigs correspondent to RPB. As a result BCS look as organic whole, and careful predator does not grow suspicious at BCS during its retrieving.