AV Type B

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AV Type B
AV Type B
AV Type B weight petal height
AVB #1 4,1g 23,3mm
AVB #2 5,9g 28,65mm
AVB #3 7,8g 33,8mm
AVB #4 11,8g 40,5mm

PRO Series

Developed by Alexey Viunov

Exclusive series developed by the best Russian spinner’s designer and professional anglers – Alexey Viunov based on many years’ experience both in fishing and fishing lure’s designing.

AV-B Pro Series was created for fast current water, and it is excellent for both up-stream and dowm-stream retrieving.

Wide colors range and ideal performance make AV-B Pro Series one of the best universal spinners you ever know.

The author of AV-B, Alexey Viunov recommends these spinners to start fishing at unknown water.