Preference Minnow

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Preference Minnow
Preference Minnow
Pref. Minnow 75 length weight depth
75F-SR 75mm 4,8g 0,3-0,5m
75SP-SR 75mm 5,4g 0,4-0,6m
75F-DR 75mm 5g 0,8-1,2m
75SP-DR 75mm 5,6g 1-1,5m
Pref. Minnow 90
90F-SR 90mm 7g 0,3-0,7m
90SP-SR 90mm 7,3g 0,4-0,8m

Pontoon21 Preference Lures is a collection of lures, which quality and efficiency are proved by time and fishing conditions at all continents of Earth.

All models are design and produced in Japan by the best specialists.

Among their long history all models chosen for Pontoon21 Preference Series confirm their status of favorite lures for Trout, Bass, Pike, Walleye, Pike and many other fish species.

You may use any style of retrieving and manipulations depending on your wish and fishing conditions.