Marionette Minnow

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Marionette Minnow
Marionette Minnow
Mar. Minnow 90 length weight depth
90F-SR 90mm 7,1g 0,3-0,5m
90SP-SR 90mm 7,4g 0,3-0,5m
Mar. Minnow 108
108F-SR 108mm 12,5g 0,3-0,5m
108SP-SR 108mm 13,2g 0,3-0,5m

Marionette Minnow was developed to have a very high response to your rod's manipulations.Depending on the style of retrieving Marionette Minnow is able

  • to make rolling action only
  • to combine rolling and wobbling actions
  • to make narrow as well as wide wobbling actions
  • to change the direction of moving at twitching
  • to combine rolling with side-to-side moving.

All these actions are available at the depth mot more than 40cm! When you fish in top water layers, Marionette Minnow is the lure, which gives you maximum wideness to choose the game's style the most attractive at every moment. Inside system Mag Force provides stability and high distance of casting. Equipped with Owner ST 36BC #8.