Loco Perrito

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Loco Perrito 870
Loco Perrito
LocoPerrito 65 length weight depth
65SL 65mm 8,7g superficial
65DW 65mm 9,2g superficial

Depending on version (Dog Walking or Sliding) Loco Perrito performs all actions you expect from pencil bait lures irreproachably. The secret is hidden in the inside body's feature called Step Counter Type Balancer of Pontoon21 (SCT - Balancing System).

Loco Perrito body's design has small water resistance, and can move easy and freely. It also can turn, creating bubble sounds appending with flips of inside ball to the flat ends of "eye's cylinder" (see below SCT-Balancing System). These flips are similar to the step-counter's sounds and gave the name to the balancing system used in Loco Perrito.