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Kalikana 050,007
Tungsten Moving Balls
Kalikana 70 length weight depth
70F-SR 70mm 7,5g 0,2-0,4m
70SP-SR 70mm 8g 0,3-0,5m
Kalikana 82
82F-SR 82mm 11,6g 0,2-0,4m
82SP-SR 82mm 12,1g 0,3-0,5m

Kalikana is a Shad type lure having excellent castability and very active action. This action combines various types of movements with vividly expressive rolling. The lip is made of thin while durable fiberglass so as not to interfere of the rolling action of Kalikana. Thanks to this lip and body shape Kalikana shows very attractive action on both straight retrieving and twitching.

Internal balancing system consists of 5 metal balls locating in proper zones of body. They are different by size and specific gravity: 2 half-fixed balls (Tungsten Moving Balls – TMB System) provide long and accurate casting and 3 other balls provide the optimum working position of Kalikana in water at retrieving for the most attractive action at any kind of manipulations.

Equipped with Owner trebles ST-36BC