Dexter Minnow

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Dexter Minnow A15
Dexter Minnow
DexterMinnow 71 length weight depth
71SP-SR 71mm 7,05g 0,6-1,2m
71S-SR 71mm 9,75g 0,8-1,2m
DexterMinnow 93
93SP-SR 93mm 13,5g 0,8-1,5m
93S-SR 93mm 16,4g 1-2,5m

Dexter Minnow is a lure with very stable action for fishing in fast streams and in the areas of vertiginous current.

Irregular retrieving with frequent pauses and twitching will open wide potential Dexter Minnow has.

Suspend version is excellent choice for slow current and still water

Equipped with Owner trebles ST-36BC