Danzante J2

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Danzante J2


  • Danzante’s family gives you wide opportunities for experiments with your fishing styles. Try twitching, ripping, pumping and stop&go methods, and Danzante will dances for you and for fish not only with wobbling, but also with rolling action.
  • Use the rods, which help to open all features and abilities of Danzante such as Pontoon21 Psychogun “Medium Heavy Performer” PGS822 MHSF (spinning) or PGC822 MHSF (casting).
Danzante J2
Danzante J2 140 length weight depth
140F-SR 140mm 23g 0-0,3m
140F-SSR 140mm 23,5g 0,5-1m
140S-LL 140mm 26,5g 0,5-1,5m

Danzante J2 of Pontoon21 is a double jointed (3-pcs) lure having excellent wobbling action. For achieving the optimal balance, Danzante has internal system consisting of 6 weights of different diameter and made of different density’s metal alloys..
Equipped with Owner trebles ST-36BC #2.

The series includes 3 models: two of them are floating versions and the third is LipLess sinking version (see below)

- Danzante J2 140SSR-F, 140mm, 23.0gr – Floating Super Shallow Runner for fishing near surface

- Danzante J2 SR-F, 140mm, 23.5gr – Floating Shallow Runner for fishing at small and middle depths

- Danzante J2 LL-S, 140mm, 26.5gr – Sinking LipLess for fishing at the depth’s range between 0.5m and 1.5m depending on the style of retrieving