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Cheerful 327,R01 Cheerful 211,213
Cheerful 34 length weight depth
34F-SR 34mm 1,45g 0,3-0,5m
34F-MR 34mm 1,6g 0,6-1m
34SP-SR 34mm 1,5g 0,3-0,5m
34SP-MR 34mm 1,65g 0,6-1m
Cheerful 40
40F-SR 40mm 2,5g 0,3-0,5m
40F-MR 40mm 2,5g 0,5-1m
40SP-SR 40mm 2,6g 0,5-1m
40SP-MR 40mm 2,7g 0,8-1,2m

The excellent internal balancing system allows achieving important positive lure’s features: the great castability, the excellent action, which is stable with any method of line retrieve. The lure works well and it’s moving is attractive for fish at cranking, stop&go, twitching as well as jerking. As a result you get the ideal universal lure for UltraLight Tackle Fishing.

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