Alter Idem

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Alter Idem
Alter Idem
AlterIdem 36 length weight depth
36SP-SR 36mm 2g 0,4-0,7m
36SP-MR 36mm 2,2g 0,6-1m
AlterIdem 42
42SP-SR 42mm 3g 0.4-0.6m
42SP-MR 42mm 3,3g 0.8-1m

A lot of researches with various combinations of shapes and balance systems were made during the developing of Cheerful family of Pontoon21. And it was found that the main features of shape, which is already known thanks to Cheerful lures, combined with the special balance system could create a new group of Pontoon 21 lures – Alter-Idem. Keeping the traditional stability of Cheerful, Alter-Idem is highly responsive even to the minimal manipulations. This is a reason of many strikes happen when you fully stop retrieving and not manipulations with your rod.

When twitching Alter-Idem shows “pirouettes”, which you never saw before.

Fishing Alter idem 913 Fishing Alter idem 913