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Agarron Agarron
Agarron 80 length weight depth
80SF-SR 80mm 5,2g 0,4-0,5m
Agarron 95
95SF-SR 95mm 8g 0,5-0,6m
Agarron 110
110SF-SR 110mm 12.95g 0,6-0,8m
Agarron 125
125F-SR 125mm 15.5g 0,6-0,8m
Agarron 140
140SF-SR 140mm 22g 0,6-0,8m
    Agarron is a minnow type of hard plastic lure. We combined 2 balancing systems in one slim body:
  • KKBS (Koto-Koto Balancing System) consists of a big tungsten ball in a special chamber at the head part of lure. Having some freedom inside the chamber, the ball changes the position of the center of gravity when twitching or jerking, adding nuances to the action and the effect of body’s shacking at pause. The semi-moving ball also helps to maintain the balance of lure when casting. Finally this ball creates the sound Koto-Koto adding the attractive “audio feedback” to the action of Agarron.
  • TMB (Tungsten Moving Balls) system consists of a combination of balls (tungsten or tungsten with bronze like in Agarron 80) moving to the tail end when casting and returning back to the working position with the start of retrieving.

These 2 systems work together to provide longer and more accurate casting and well-controlled action.
The repetitive gentle twitching produces the action of “dog-n-walk” style (sneaking to the left&right).
With short jerks Agarron shows wide dart action with a minimum of forward movements, and the lure stays longer in the desired area.
Strong jerking provokes Agarron to dart in different directions with a lot of pirouettes. For example, the balls can move to the tail (like it happens at casting) – accordingly, the lure moves to the upper water horizon, and then, with the next jerking, drops back.
Ideas: KKBS (Koto-Koto Balancing System), TMB (Tungsten Moving Balls) system

Agarron chart
Agarron A11 Mat CHG BV Back OB Agarron r37 and 351